Prince of the Deep Dark Wood

a painting and writing series

“Fairytales are not always fair…of guise or of heart…” Step into the unknown; into the wilderness of the North. Eleven chapters tell the story of a journey into the bowels of the night to face one’s truest fears only to thwart them and seed in the murky soil a vision of themselves so grand it towers now amongst the mighty spruce. “Take heart you will not be disguised to yourself as you crown…” celebrate your coronation in boughs of pine and berries. Pass through the mirror the forest holds up to you.

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  • Main Cover
  • Prologue
  • Chapter One
  • Swallowed Whole
  • Chapter Two
  • Limbs
  • Chapter Three
  • Mind Murk
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Four
  • Dream Trails
  • Chapter Five
  • Black Jaws
  • Chapter Six
  • We Weathered The Storm
  • Chapter Seven
  • Listen To Them
  • Chapter Eight
  • Pass Through
  • Chapter Nine
  • Chapter Nine
  • They Have Come
  • ChoralResponsePoem copy
  • Choral Response
  • Chapter Eleven
  • Warmth