Memoirs of a Voyager

a painting series

This is a collection of watercolor paintings and drawings that I worked on mostly during my undergraduate career outside of school assignments and completely for personal practice (2012-2013). Some of the later works however are from more recent periods. I view these works as pieces I simply ‘had to get out’ that were scenes I had wanted to paint for quite some time. Themes of nature, Buddhism and Hinduism, spirituality, nostalgia and metaphysics inspired these works as well as the works of Tolkien and scenery from Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Media used is primarily watercolor with colored pencil. To see the piece titles hover the mouse over the piece.

  • Mists In the Aspens
  • The Memory Well
  • Manifest
  • Sonar
  • Lothlórien
  • Orbiting
  • Haven
  • The Main Fountain Garden at Longwood
  • Little Joy
  • Bookmark
  • Before The Thaw