Yearning for Resonance

a print series

Here you’ll find a collection of works from my undergraduate studies in printmaking at the Tyler School of Art. My work here ranges from lithography, woodcut relief, monoprint & chine-collé to etching. My love of drawing is what drove this work and I found an undercurrent of natural themes and landscapes tinged with a mystery and darkness prevalent in my work across my college career. Explorations of forests from different places in the world and commentary on the emotions of solitude and melancholy are the key themes that pervade my printmaking work. To view piece titles hover the mouse over the image.

  • 'I Don't Want to Be Found' Lithograph & Etching
  • The Invitation 'Lithograph'
  • 'Yearning For Resonance' Multi-Layer Lithograph
  • 'Scandinavian Nights' Lithograph
  • 'Untitled' Lithograph
  • 'Sever' Etching
  • Palm Print Woodcut
  • Image_20150422_00013.tif
  • Palm Print Woodcut
  • Palm Print Woodcut
  • Sycamore Lithograph
  • Palm Lithograph